DMX vs. Non DMX

DMX vs. Non DMX

Think of a party and dance floor and imagine how music and lighting flare up the whole environment with energy and disco effect. The lights are the part and parcel of any event whether you’re looking for a corporate or wedding DJ. If you wish to add an ambiance or ultra party effect then adding dance lights is the way to go.

With In Touch Media (itmdjs) we only offer Intelligent Lighting , however some companied offer standard lighting. Like they say you get what you pay for.

Intelligent Lighting:

Intelligent lighting is the modern lighting system that operates with robotic motions. These lights comes fixed on a truss while connected to the system.  This elegant system has multiple functions. These can be used as spot light, for the Hollywood effect, for dance or wall pattern.

Spot lights are best for the cake cutting, highlighting the podium, or spot lighting couple dancing on the floor. On the other hand Hollywood style lighting functions in illuminating the room with circulating around the room in different colors elevating your party.  The dance party lights are the best ones when you want to fire up dance floor with tons of different lights in color and shapes circulating around the dance floor with a synchronized system. These lights also serve the purpose of subtle romantic dances to heighten up the mood of romance in the party.  Intelligent lighting is also used for decorating your room with floral or different wall patterns. You just have to choose from the patterns of your choice for the elegant wall patterns of light.

Standard Lighting:

Standard lighting is the light to choose when you are on a budget. Though this standard lighting is not heavy on your pocket but the visual effects are not the least in this lighting system.

The lights display dotted patterns and move to the beat of the music opposed to being synced together for the same output pattern. The brightness of the fixture, is not as appealing as Intelligent Lighting. Please ask us for some picture samples so you may compare.

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