Band Vs DJ

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Band Vs DJ

As you plan your special day, one of the big decisions is whether to hire a band or a wedding DJ service. There are advantages to both, but there are a four things you need to know before making your final decision.

Expectation vs. Reality: Planning your wedding day can be exceptionally stressful and any couple’s biggest worry is that the day doesn’t go according to plan. While live music is always a good choice because you have real people up on the stage, you never know what you’re going to get, especially if you don’t know the band and haven’t been to a number of their performances. Also, some bands unfortunately have only one volume (often loud) and may not be as good as you remember, which means you’re stuck with less than ideal imitations of songs you enjoy and love. The main advantage of hiring a wedding DJ is that your first song can be your song, just as you imagined it!

Music and Style Limitations: Another advantage is that a band may be limited to the songs or styles of music that they can perform. A wedding DJ company will have thousands of songs for you to choose from, that cater to all ages, settings, styles and paces. A good wedding DJ will have the outgoing and energetic personality to get everyone up on the dance floor. Sometimes when you hire a band that isn’t great, you find no one takes the first leap to dance, but a DJ is experienced in getting everyone excited! You want your guests to celebrate your day with you and this includes everyone joining in on your fun and having some fun of their own during your reception.

Entertainment Continuity: An inevitable problem you encounter when hiring a live band is that they take breaks. It’s understandable, since you can’t expect a lead singer to sing constantly for hours on end. A wedding DJ can keep the party going and seamlessly have one song to flow into the next, all while keeping everyone on the dance floor.

Pricing: Wedding planning typically involves a budget, so value for your money is definitely an important factor to consider. Most entertainment DJ companies will provide you with sound, dance lighting and visual effects, as well add-ons. Often a band will be more expensive, since they will usually only provide speakers and sound equipment.

Bottom Line: Remember with a DJ you control the music, you know what your chosen artists sound like and you can be sure there won’t be any regrettable surprises. With a band you’re taking a gamble, unless you know them well and have seen them perform on a number of occasions.

In Touch Media (itmdjs) is a full service entertainment company operating in Ontario & Quebec. This company offers a high quality, reliable and exceptional service using the latest equipment and music to ensure your event is a success. The company offers competitive prices, without any hidden fees.

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