Hesam Azimi

Hesam AzimiComing from a strong business background, In Touch Media’s panache can be attributed to Hesam Azimi’s passion and drive. Currently the Marketing and Sales Consultant, Hesam has a strong vision for In Touch Media’s present and future and is constantly perfecting his trade. Having frequented most of the city’s venues, each client’s demands are met with strong knowledge and experience.


“Image and appearance are extremely important to me. It’s because of this I make sure when my employees are at job site they are dressed and represent In Touch Media’s standard. Not only with how they look and act but also with their attention to detail for the setup of every event.”


He is committed to providing outstanding service to his clients and is known to be a perfectionist. Hesam appreciates that each client’s needs are different and he strives to meet all requests in a cost effective and time efficient way.


“Every small detail counts. In business you can’t afford to make mistakes. That’s why I strongly believe that perfection and transparency are key pillars for any successful business. You must do all you can to satisfy each and every client. Your clients are the building blocks of your business.”


Hesam Azimi’s ultimate goal is to keep rising In Touch Media to new heights in the entertainment business by creative ideas and strategic business planning.
Available at all times with any questions you may have.